About TBC

We are the Theravada Buddhist Community, also known as TBC. We're a peer-led group of Buddhist practitioners from the Toronto area who meet regularly to meditate, listen to teachings and support one another in our practice.  Our community is rooted in the Theravada tradition which is the oldest branch of Buddhism dating back to the Buddha himself. We specifically follow the teachings of Ajahn Chah's Forest Tradition of Thailand and are also formally connected as spiritual friends to Tisarana Forest Monastery and Satisaraniya Hermitage, both located about 20 minutes from Perth, Ontario, Canada.

More information is available on our About Us page.

Visiting TBC

Everyone is welcome to join us in our weekly gathering which meets each Sunday morning from 10:15 am to 12:00. There are no prior conditions required for participation with us except the willingness to sit comfortably, quietly and mindfully in silence on either a chair or cushion for 45 minutes. You are most welcome to bring your own meditation cushion and mat.

More information is available on our Visiting TBC page.

We are fortunate to have Monks and Nuns in the Theravada tradition join us at times, either in person for short retreats or via video conferences for dhamma talks. Visit our Announcements page to see what's coming up, as well as anything new on the website.
Our Resources page has a variety of things to support your practice, including dhamma talks from retreats, links to other Buddhist sites, and readings to download.

A Dhamma Talk by Ajahn Sumedho, A Senior Teacher in the Thai Forest Tradition