Here you'll find audio recordings of dhamma talks from past retreats, links to other sites hosting dhamma talks, a list of selected writings in this tradition, and links to some of TBC's friends' sites.

Teachings from Retreats and Other Events

Recordings of talks given at TBC retreats.

Dhamma Talks

A selection of web sites where you can find audio talks by teachers in this tradition.

The Written Word

Here are some of our favourite writings.

Friends of TBC

These are some of the other communities we are friends with.

Tisarana Monastery, near Perth in Eastern Ontario, is in the  Forest tradition of Ajahn Chah. Ajahn Viradhammo, a Canadian, is the abbot. Guests are welcome, but register your visit first. The surrounding countryside is beautiful.

Sati Saraniya Hermitage, not far from Tisarana, is a rural monastic residence for bhikkhunis — fully-ordained women — in the  Forest tradition of Theravada Buddhism. Visits are welcomed, but contact them first.

Satipañña meets every Tuesday evening at 7pm at Quaker House, 60 Lowther Avenue in Toronto. Come early to secure your seat. The program is geared to those committed to meditation practice.

Buddhist Place serving Peterborough and the Kawarthas meets for practice on Wednesday evenings.

Ottawa Buddhist Society serves Theravada Buddhists of all backgrounds in and around Ottawa, Canada’s Capital

True North Insight offers insight meditation retreats and courses in English and French.

Dharma Friends supports  meditation practice in Toronto's LGBT community, based in diverse Buddhist philosophies and meditation practices.

Waterloo River Dharma Centre offers weekly meditation groups, beginner’s courses, workshops, retreats, evening and Sunday sittings, visiting Dharma teachers, resource library