Day of Mindfulness With Ajahn Viradhammo – Sunday, July 12, 2020

The Theravada Buddhist Community would like to invite you to a Day of Mindfulness on Sunday, July 12, 2020 with Ajahn Viradhammo. 

Ajahn Viradhammo is the founder and abbot of Tisarana Buddhist Monastery in Perth, Ontario. He took bhikkhu (monastic) ordination in Thailand in 1974 at Wat Pah Pong with Ajahn Chah. He was one of the first residents at Wat Pah Nanachat, the international monastery in north-east Thailand. In 1977, he was asked by Ajahn Chah to join Ajahn Sumedho at the Hampstead Vihara in London. Later, he was involved in the establishment of both the Chithurst and Harnham monasteries in the UK. In 1985, he moved to New Zealand, where he lived for 10 years, setting up Bodhinyanarama monastery. In 1995, he went to the UK to assist Ajahn Sumedho at Amaravati and stayed for four years before returning to New Zealand, where he lived until 2002. He then returned to Ottawa where he cared for his mother for nine years. He is now a full time resident at Tisarana Buddhist Monastery.

Please join the Zoom meeting around 8:30 AM.

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(if you wish to join by telephone, Zoom phone numbers are provided below)

The Day of Mindfulness is by donation to Tisarana Buddhist Monastery. If you would like to make a donation to the Monastery, please use this link: Tisarana Buddhist Monastery Donations

No registration is required. 

This day includes meditation, mindfulness instruction and Dhamma talks. The chants we’ll be using during the session are attached below. If you would like to participate in the chanting, please print them out ahead of the session.

We look forward to you joining us on Sunday, July 12. 

Day of Mindfulness With Ajahn Viradhammo

Sunday, July 12

8:30 AM – 8:40. Zoom Check-In

8:40 – 8:45. Announcements and Introduction of Ajahn Viradhammo
8:45 – 9:00. Opening Chant
9:00 – 9:45. Sitting Meditation (some guidance)
9:45 – 10:30. Walking Meditation (some guidance)
10:30 – 11:15. Sitting Meditation
11:15 – 11:20. Announcements

11:20 – 12:40 PM. Lunch Break (Zoom will remain open)

12:40 – 12:45. Announcements
12:45 – 1:30. Walking or Sitting Meditation
1:30 – 2:15. Dhamma Talk
2:15 – 3:00. Questions and Answers
3:00 – 3:25. Sharing Merit, Closing Chant
3:25 – 3:30. Final Announcements

Chant Files:

Opening and Closing Chants

Dedication of Offerings and Verses of Sharing and Aspiration

The Buddha’s Words on Loving Kindness

Zoom telephone numbers for Canada, if connecting by phone:

+1 204 272 7920 
+1 438 809 7799 
+1 587 328 1099 
+1 647 374 4685 
+1 647 558 0588 
+1 778 907 2071