Online Wednesday Dhamma Meetings

Theravada Buddhist Community Wednesday Dhamma Meetings, 6:30-8:30p.m. ESTGroup Facilitator: Upasika Eleanor, Ph.D.Contact: [email protected]

Everyone is welcome. This is a free offering. Please feel free to attend the first and/or second half of the meeting.

On June 1st, we will begin Simple Kindness by Thai Forest female monastic teacher, Ajahn Candasiri.  A pdf copy is available here.

This is a collection of dhamma reflections on the Buddha’s foundational teachings from the perspective of the Thai Forest teachings of Ajahn Chah.

Both new and seasoned dhamma practitioners will benefit. 

Each week, we will read one short chapter from this collection and also a related 1 p. sutta excerpt.  

(Suttas are the Buddha’s discourses recorded in the Theravada Buddhist scriptures, the Pali Canon.)

Our meetings begin with dedications, chanting (optional), and a 45 guided meditation. After a short break, we have a dhamma discussion on the weekly reading (everyone will have an opportunity to share). 

We end with a compassion practice and/or chanting (optional).