Online Wednesday Dhamma Meetings

Theravada Buddhist Community Wednesday Dhamma Meetings, 6:30-8:30p.m. EDT Group Facilitator: Upasika Eleanor, Ph.D. Contact: [email protected]

Everyone is welcome to join our ongoing online TBC Wednesday dhamma meetings 6:30-8:30pm EDT.

Please feel free to join the first and/or second hour.

We will have chanting, guided meditation and dhamma discussion in small and large groups.

If you are joining us for the first time, please email: [email protected]

This is a free offering. Donations to TBC are welcome.

On Wednesday August 3rd, we will begin a new dhamma reading: Kamma and the End of Kamma, 2nd edition by Ajahn Sucitto. This is an insightful exploration of the ethical and psychological aspects of the Buddha’s teaching on kamma (intentional actions of body, speech and mind and the ripple effect of these on ourselves and others in the short and/or long term), as well as the important relationship between kamma and mindfulness.

Beginning and seasoned practitioners will benefit.

Weekly audio recordings of each chapter are also available. Please email if you would like to receive these.

Please click on this link for the reading: Kamma and the End of Kamma (2nd Edition)

Facilitator and lead: Upasika Eleanor, Ph.D.

(Upasika Eleanor has been a practicing Buddhist since 1985, and is a longtime member of the Theravada Buddhist Community. She teaches comparative religious ethics, human rights, peacebuilding, mindfulness, and socially engaged Buddhism with a focus on women at the university level and in the community. She is a member of Sakyadhita International Association of Buddhist Women.)