Sunday April 30, 2023 – Monastic Visit with Tan Amarasiri

Dear Friends,

The Theravada Buddhist Community is pleased to announce that on Sunday, April 30th at 10:00am Tan Amarasiri will be joining us during our weekly meditation session to offer a dhamma talk followed by a short question and answers period, if time permits.

If you have questions about Dhamma or your practice for Tan Amarasiri, please use the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page to submit them. Tan Amarasiri will try to address as many questions as possible during his talk.

Tan Amarasiri

Amarasiri Bhikkhu was born and raised in Chennai, India. His education and career led him to live in many parts of the world. Venerable Amarasiri moved to Toronto in 2009 and attended a Vipassana retreat in the Goenka Tradition where he was inspired by the teachings and practice of Theravada Buddhism. On his very first visit to Tisarana, his interaction with Ajahn Viradhammo impacted Ven. Amarasiri to commit to Theravadin Monastic life. He subsequently took Anagarika precepts in 2016, and was accepted into the Bhikkhu Sangha in 2018 with Luang Por Viradhammo as Preceptor.

This session is available on Zoom at our regular Sunday morning Zoom link: Sunday Morning Zoom

Looking forward to seeing you there.