2024 Monastic Visit Schedule – Days of Mindfulness and Sunday Talks

Date Sunday Meeting Day of Mindfulness Details
Jan 7 Ayya Anuruddha   10am – 11am
Feb 11 Jim Bedard   10am – 12pm
Mar 31 Ayya Ahimsa   10am – 11am
Apr 21 Randall Baker   10am – 12pm
May 5 Ayya Medhanandi   10am – 11am
Jun 9 Ajahn Kusalo   10am – 12pm
Jul 7 Ayya Nimmala   10 am – 12pm
Aug 11 Tan Sirimedho   10am – 11am
Aug 25 Tan Amarasiri   10am – 11am
Sep 29 Ayya Anuruddha   10am – 11am
Oct 20 Ajahn Sucitto   TBA
Nov 8 – 9

Ayya Medhanandi &
Ayya Nimmala
The Friends (Quaker) House
Nov 10 Ayya Medhanandi &
Ayya Nimmala
  10am – 12pm
Dec 8 Ajahn Pavaro   TBA

These events will be offered online using Zoom meetings, or you can meet with us at the Carrot Common, 348 Danforth Avenue, Room 212 in Toronto. Please click on this link for more information about joining us in person or online — “Join us on Sundays – In-Person or Online”.

For a Day of Mindfulness, we’ll be providing a new Zoom link closer to the day of the event. If you’ve signed up for email notifications you’ll receive an email when it’s available; otherwise the appropriate link will be available on the website on the day of the event.

We’re looking forward to having you join us.

For more information about these events, please contact us through the website contact form.