Auspicious 10-year Anniversary for Three Bhikkhunis in North America

On October 17, 2021 there was a celebratory gathering on Zoom to honour the 10-year anniversary of three Bhikkhunis, Ayya Anandabodhi, Ayya Nimmala and Ayya Santacitta. They will each have the honorary title of ‘Thera’, meaning ‘elder’, to honour their 10 years in robes.

TBC is very proud of Ayya Nimmala who trained at Sati Saraniya Hermitage in Perth, Ontario but then moved to Vancouver to care for her aging parents. She is the first Canadian bhikkhuni to be ordained in North America.

The video is very long. Some of the highlights include:

  • Slide show of 2011 ordination – 0:43
  • Talk by Ayya Medhanandi – 1:26:50
  • Talk by Ayya Anandabodhi – 1:34
  • Talk by Ayya Santacitta – 1:41:10
  • Talk by Ayya Nimmala – 1:47
  • Pali Chanting honouring the first Bhikkhunis – 2:09