TBC Member Survey

TBC is reviewing how we make decisions in our community and is looking for input from current and past members.

Every year people at TBC make decisions about how we want our group to operate.  We have Annual General Meetings and periodic Community Meetings.  Those involved in running an activity make decisions about it, and some activities have Leads to help manage them.  Last year a Steering Committee was established at the AGM to help guide our group between AGM’s.

The purpose of this survey is to get input from TBC participants about how you would like to see decisions made in our community, and to help clarify how the Steering Committee can support this.  We will use this information to put together a decision-making model that will be presented for review and approval at a future Community Meeting.

If you’ve attended TBC in the past or are attending now, we would be grateful if you could spend 5 to 10 minutes completing the linked survey below.

Thanks from the TBC Steering Committee!

To complete the survey, click this link:

TBC Decision-Making Survey