June 13, 2021 – Ajahn Sucitto – The Inner Tyrant

The TBC Steering Committee dedicated our practice today to the Afzaal family who was murdered in a racially motivated attack last week in London, Ontario.  

We condemn this act of hatred and cruelty. 

We also wish to express our solidarity with our Muslim sisters and brothers. 

We commit to upholding and protecting the anti-discrimination laws in Canada, and also to foster mutual understanding and respect with Muslim and all faith communities.

The TBC Steering Committee has reached out to local Muslim organizations expressing our solidarity with them during this difficult time and sent a donation to the London Community United Against Hate. This fund was set up to support the youngest member of the family, a nine year old child, who survived the attack, and is now in hospital. We send also send much metta to this child.

You can use this link if you would like to add your donation to the fund: United Against Hate