June 28, 2020: Bowing On Two Knees: Covid, Compassion, and Nonviolence — Ayya Medhanandi

2020-06-05 Bowing On Two Knees: Covid, Compassion, and Nonviolence 19:27
In this Covid pandemic, we are living through a pandemic of moral decay and heightened fear in the disintegration of so much that has felt secure and stable. Seeing how we are not in control, we choose the Buddha’s way. We care both for ourselves and others morally and spiritually, and as we grow in equanimity, we near the very cusp of awakening.
Ottawa Buddhist Society

June 21, 2020. Words of Awakening – Ayya Anandabodhi

This is an excerpt from a talk given during a retreat on Therīgāthā – Awakening Verses of the Early Buddhists Nuns in June 2020.

The full talk, along with others from the retreat, can be found here on the Dharma Seed website.

The collection of poems Ayya refers to is “The First Free Women: Poems of the Early Buddhist Nuns”, by Matty Weingast.

Below is the Bikkhuni Lineage Chant from the retreat.