Selected Chants for Days of Mindfulness

Iti Pi So Opening Chant Closing Chant Verses of Sharing and Aspiration Sharing of Merit Karaniya Sutta Request for 3 Refuges and 5 Precepts

The Word of the Buddha

An outline of the Buddha’s teaching, as presented in the Pali canon.  This was recommended by Ajahn Viradhammo during his Day of Mindfulness.

The Body

Dhamma Reflections on Ageing, Sickness and Death by the nuns of the Theravada community

Four Noble Truths

By Ajahn Sumedho, 1992. A clear and accessible writing on one of the core teachings of the Buddha.

Meditation, a Way of Awakening

By Ajahn Sucitto, 2015. This book addresses the questions, why meditate and how to meditate? The guidance offered is relevant to all those who cultivate the inner life.

A Handful of Leaves

A comprehensive volume of translations of the Buddha’s teachings by Ajahn Thanissaro, available in a variety of electronic formats

A Tree in the Forest

By Ajahn Chah, 1995. “All the teachings” Ajahn Chah taught, “are merely similes and comparisons, means to help the mind see the truth.