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Please join the Theravada Buddhist Community on Sundays from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon for our online meditation session. Due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, we have decided to temporarily cancel our Sunday meditation meetings until further notice. In the meantime we’ll...

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Ajahn Viradhammo’s talks recorded during his May, 2017 visit to TBC and SIMT are now available on our Resources page.

Now available: “Stillness Flowing – The Life and Teachings of Ajahn Chah” by Ajahn Jayasaro, the long-awaited biography of Ajahn Chah with an introduction by Luong Por Sumedho.

From Ajahn Jayasaro’s preface:

Although it has been my intention that this book should be, as far as possible, a biography as opposed to a hagiography, I am not sure that I have been completely successful. My love for Luang Por and my belief in his enlightenment inevitably colour the text. What I have not done is suppress any scandalous or embarrassing information out of concern for his good name. Hard as it may be to accept nowadays when there is so much – and often well-founded – cynicism about the integrity of religious figures, Luang Por Chah had absolutely nothing to hide. The only skeleton in a cupboard at Wat Pah Pong was the one hanging on public display in the Dhamma Hall. In fact, that is one of the strongest reasons for my belief that the life of Luang Por Chah is so worthy of study.

Electronic versions are available for download on the Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery website, where you can also request a print copy.

Ajahn Sucitto’s guide to meditation, “Meditation, A Way of Awakening”, is now available as a pdf file on our Writings page.  Other formats of the book are available on the Amaravati web site.

In commemoration of Ajahn Viradhammo’s 70th birthday, a new collection of his talks is being published. Electronic editions of The Contemplative’s Craft: Internalizing the Teachings of the Buddha are now available on the web site.  A print edition will be published in the fall of 2017.

Ayya’s talks recorded during her 2016 visit to TBC and SIMT are now available on our Teachings page.

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Where We Meet

We meet on Sunday mornings from 10:15 to 12:00, in the Peregrine Room at the St. George Hotel, located at 280 Bloor St. West.

On some Sundays we’ll be meeting in another room in the hotel.  Click here for more information.

As a result of the coronavirus situation, we are temporarily meeting online.  More information here.